For your convenience, we offer you the ability to request a quote right here on our website.  But once you do, all subsequent responses and or questions will be decidedly “offline”.  This is because Stangle & DeNigris still believes in personal, one-on-one communication and service.  As soon as we have the responses from the numerous carriers we have sought pricing from, regarding your request, we evaluate each insurance company who have provided this information and send you a “quick quote” with the most comprehensive coverage available for price, contractual provisions and most of all company stability.  Shortly thereafter one of our marketing specialists will contact you via phone to find out whether the pricing will meet your unique needs or do we need to negotiate with the underwriter for more competitive figures.  We are able to provide One-Stop shopping through our affiliations with so many different carriers saving you time, effort and money.  “On your next case make us the competition”.

Instructions on how to get a quote from us.

Download the blank employee template form here - Census form (Excell format).
Fill in the census information and save to your computer (Use Save As).
Click on the contacts tab and choose who you would like the request to go to.
In the e-mail body please provide us with the following information:
Name of group & Location.
Plan design in force or requested.
Current carriers rates & Renewal rates.
Then Attach your census and send it to us.
You will have a quick quote back in approximately 5 business days or less.



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