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Welcome to Stangle & DeNigris. We have been providing exceptional benefit consulting to our national network of agents and brokers for over 50 years.  Our mission is the commitment we have to the agent and brokerage community and they are the focus of everything we do.  We commit ourselves to providing superior pricing, expertise and guidance, personalized and responsive service that is proven.  To ensure agent and broker satisfaction, the quality and availability of our service is our priority.  Combining innovative ideas and solutions with experiences, dedicative staff, we promise you fairness, value and outstanding service. 

Today Stangle & DeNigris is known as the leading Brokerage Firm in the country who specialize in Group Insurance, placing business with more insurance carriers than anyone; in fact, we often represent the largest single source block of business for each carrier and are therefore able to work closely with the companies for Rates, Guarantee Issue, Contractual Provisions and the designing of new and highly focused and initiative products.  Because of our high profile, we enjoy a “Preferred GA Status” and are active participants on advisory and consulting boards. 

We Deliver Service 

Having the right benefit package is important to the success of your business.  Even more critical is how those benefits are delivered, how your client’s plan is structured, (the most competitive rates, guarantee issue and contractual provisions), enrolled, administered and serviced.  At Stangle and DeNigris, we “begin with the end in mind” and develop solutions to get you there.  Whether your client is small (just 2 employees) or a large corporate operation, we will design a cost-effective program and insure it runs smoothly.  Offering a very wide range of benefit products and insurance carriers and to back them up with critical service needed to deliver their benefit success is also our success.  We will be pleased to run comparative illustrations on any and all competitive Group carriers so that your client can select from the best alternative at one glance..and only from one source.   

Once your client’s plan has been sold and the insurance implemented, we continue to deliver with day-to-day service with our administrative partner, Plan Administration, who will provide monthly list billing, administrative access, assistance with claims adjudication (in those situations where difficulties may arise).  They have the advantage of placing numerous insurance companies’ products on one billing resulting in one bill, one enrollment card, one check and one administration source.

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